Thoughts on Navigating Change

A spoonful of compassion makes the change medicine go down.

This month has been all about change. Change isn’t easy. It is sometimes begrudgingly engaged and most always there’s stress involved. Leaving the zone of familiarity doesn’t feel good.

It helps to remember change is a process. It is impermanence in action. It’s the seed turning into the great redwood tree. Like a seed, it needs to be protected, nurtured and tended.

That means you don’t yank it out every hour to see how it’s doing.

Seeds need work in the space around them. In the soil, the nutrients, the moisture. By nurturing its environment, the seed does what it does best. It grows.

Not yanking the baby tree up to check it constantly is compassion in action.

Compassion is an overlooked element when we initiate change in our lives (or have change thrust upon us).

We may think it’s about hard work. We may use words like goals and focus and effort. Sometimes we may just careen headlong thinking activity equates to achievement.

Without compassion, however, any movement forward can come to a crashing halt.

Compassion allows for fluctuations, errors, redirects, or generally bad days.

Compassion allows for rest. Compassion says as long as you are tending to the soil, nutrients, and moisture, the seed will do what it’s supposed to.

Compassion allows you to work smart and not hard.

Growth is messy and compassion is ok with that.

As you navigate changes in your life, don’t forget a spoonful of compassion. It really does help the medicine go down. (I know you sang it. Sorry, not sorry)

Where do you need compassion in your life right now?