Mindset Shift: Excellence over Perfection


Perfection is unattainable. And why would you want to? Perfection is a fixed end state beyond which you cannot go. Do you really want to be stuck?

If anything, perfection is the ultimate carrot dangling on a stick by marketers who want to keep you hooked on whatever they’re selling.

Life breathes and pulses. It grows and expands and moves forward. To do otherwise is to wither and die. That’s what perfection offers, not Life.

Life is a verb.

Life is a practice.

Excellence is where the truth lies. It is what to strive for.

Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have. Excellence knows that even on your best day you can still improve. On your worst day you have space and peace to breathe and practice.

Excellence says learn new skills, build new muscles, educate yourself. Perfection doesn’t allow for those things.

Excellence knows that some days you have to ask for help while other days you are a shining star all by yourself. And both are equally valuable and viable. The wisdom of excellence says you know which is which and how to accept both.

Where could you use some excellence in your life? Where can you use a mindset shift? Where are you beating yourself up for not meeting some impossible criteria of success?