Mindset Shift: Sustainability over Security


You are not safe.

Dramatic, yes?

Chill. Let me get to the point, it’ll be ok.

In previous posts I wrote about Balance and Perfection being big fat lies. They are lies pointing to a larger lie. The larger lie is that if you do all the ‘right’ things and follow the ‘correct’ paths, that you will be happy. Happy is described as being secure and safe.

That sounds just lovely to our DNA which just wants to be in a predictable place where it can pass itself along, but it’s a lie.

Security, like perfection, is a fixed and unattainable state of existence. The pulsing, undulating force of Life never stops. No spot is totally secure. Security is an illusion of safety. The illusion is built on cultural ideas of what the ‘good life’ is.

The illusion doesn’t allow for education or improvement based on new information. It can only go with what it knows. It creates anxiety and depression.

sustainability won't leave you tired, only properly rested

Security leaves you tired at a soul level.

Life is a verb. Everything changes. So what do you work towards?


Sustainability knows to work smart not hard. Sustainability allows for new information and makes changes when new evidence arrives.

Sustainability allows for cycles. It’s adaptable. It allows for rest.

Sustainability leaves you rested and ready for whatever comes next.

We’ve gotten sold on security and lost sight of the fact that we are never totally secure. AND this need not make us fearful.

Knowing this is why we clump together in family (of origin and choice) and community. Sustainability knows we can’t do it all alone forever. It’s why the awake person continues to educate and improve themselves.

Where are you trading out security for sustainability today?