Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Stop fighting a losing battle. Claim the Life You Deserve.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

I get it. The grip of anxiety can be overwhelming. It twists your thoughts, shrinks your world, and whispers a relentless stream of doubt. But after 3 decades as a counselor, and as someone who wrestles with their own inner storms, I’ve learned something invaluable: anxiety doesn’t have to define you.

Think about all the energy spent desperately trying to control, fix, or outrun these difficult emotions. It doesn’t make anxiety disappear, does it? That’s why I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – an approach that flips the script entirely.

What makes ACT so transformative?

  • ACT invites acceptance. Yes, acceptance of the very thing you want to escape. This is not about resignation; it’s about acknowledging anxious thoughts and feelings without letting them derail you.
  • ACT helps you reclaim what’s deeply important to you. Instead of focusing on endless analysis, we’ll reconnect with the things that truly matter to you – your passions, values, and the meaningful work you want to do in the world. These become your guideposts, even when your mind wants to retreat.
  • ACT is about courageous action. You’ll learn to take those brave steps into the life you want, letting anxiety hitch a ride but not take the wheel. Small steps, consistent practice – this is how you rewrite your story.

Here’s how ACT can reshape your experience:

  • Develop unwavering self-compassion, even when anxiety flares up.
  • Notice and observe your thoughts instead of being hijacked by them.
  • Quiet the constant mental chatter and experience newfound calm.
  • Stop obsessing over being ‘fixed’ and start living a life aligned with what matters most.

Important note: ACT isn’t magic.

It is deeply transformative.

You’ll need openness, a willingness to experiment, and maybe even a healthy dose of humor at the absurdity of our anxious brains.

If you’re ready to…

  • Stop letting fear and self-doubt control your choices
  • Find inner strength and unshakeable peace
  • Engage fully in the activities and relationships that bring you joy

…then you’ve come to the right place.

The most essential gift we can give ourselves is acceptance.

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