finding peace after anxiety
Dealing with anxiety is easier when it's shared.


Everyone feels anxious some of the time. That’s part of being a human animal. However, when it becomes chronic, it can derail your ability to get even basic things done, much less enjoy life. You might:

  • feel a sense of worry more often than not
  • have racing thoughts
  • obsess over small things or actions
  • experience stomach issues, muscle tension, headaches, shortness of breath
  • feel agitated and need to keep yourself moving or distracted
  • procrastinate
  • find coping mechanisms that aren’t so healthy (over eating, drinking/drugging, excessive shopping/gambling/tv watching/phone screen time, etc)
This is just a sampling of how people experience anxiety. You may experience it in other ways. You may have a mix of anxiety and depression. Your anxiety is valid, however you live it. However you experience it, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. And There is a path out of this and I will walk it with you.

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