Trauma & ptsd

trauma and ptsd

PTSD can be lonely. Potentially traumatic events happen on a regular basis. Whether or not they have a lasting impact on a person is highly individual and can fluctuate. Any of us can get traumatized at any time. It is not a sign of weakness or defect.


Anxiety Counseling Richmond Texas
Dealing with anxiety is easier when it’s shared. Everyone feels anxious some of the time. That’s part of being a human animal. However, when it becomes chronic, it can derail your ability to get even basic things done, much less enjoy life.


LGBTQ+ Counseling Richmond Texas

LGBTQ+ experience has been quite a journey over the past century in the USA. Ups, downs, turn arounds, sashay away and shantay you stay. We’ve been through and have a ways to go yet. The journey is best when it’s shared with safe and supportive people. Sometimes, that begins with your therapist.