Accepting Naps Into Your Heart


The past couple weeks have been rough. I ain’t gonna lie. It’s been downright hard.

A friend died unexpectedly the morning of a major holiday (Thanksgiving) and it left me utterly gutted and flattened.

I was overly irritable and having a generally difficult time of making decisions. My first line of self-care defense was to phone a friend and vent. Her first question to me was ‘why don’t you take a nap and revisit this situation?’.

It had not occurred to me to stop moving as a method of dealing with difficulties.

You read that right. I am touting the outstanding value of those heavenly little breaks in the day called naps. That dreaded time of day for a 4-year-old has become the divine reset of my 49-year-old self. My happy place is under the covers in the dark.

An overlooked gem of self-care, the nap is a wonderful example of counterintuitive living. It’s a revolutionary act in the modern age. Daily we see images of working out or practicing yoga. We are inundated with images of activity across media.

Rarely if ever do we see someone blissfully crashed into their pillow.

IT professionals know the value of a simple reboot. Their first question to a problem is to turn the computer off and on again.

Give your brain the benefit of all that technical experience. Lay down and close your eyes for 20 minutes. Let your internal operating system close down and come back up again.

Regular napping boosts your immune system as well as increasing alertness and stamina. Those are research-based results.

We build up mental sludge throughout the day and napping (meditation, too) gives the brain time to clear that away. Mental sludge, like dirty oil in your car’s engine, causes the whole system to run less efficiently. It gets bogged down in its own crap.

Our popular consciousness tends towards doing MORE. Work harder to get results.

I suggest working smarter by slowing down at times to reset the system on a regular basis.

What do you think?

Why don’t you take a nap and revisit the situation?

2 thoughts on “Accepting Naps Into Your Heart”

  1. SO overlooked! I’ve realized that I’m bad at napping! I don’t give myself the time to nap and, when I do, I struggle to relax with all the things “I need to do” rolling around in my head. After some practice (yes, I had to practice :P) I got to a place where I can lay down and actually nap! Next on the to-do, practicing awareness of my need in the moment.

    • It can be napping. It can be meditation. The important thing is to make time to shut off, reboot, and come back with conscious intention. It’s showing a level of respect for yourself that will maximize your impact on the world. You do it not only for yourself but also for everyone you come in contact with throughout the day.


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