Christmas Candy from the Universe: The Unexpected Bolt of Joy

Take a trip back with me into the past before the internet to find your joy.

Before smart devices.

Before instant gratification of all things.

It’s a time of radio, tv, and magazines (like the paper kind).

Unexpected Joy

We had to wait to hear and see our favorite stuff:

  • That song that made you suddenly chair dance in the car
  • That cover photo of your heartthrob on Tiger Beat
  • That Easter commercial, you know the one…”Thank you Easter Bunny. Bock! Bock!”

These things were little drips of unexpected positive energy and joy; candy drops from the Universe that you didn’t even know you needed until you got them.


The body’s equivalent of pennies from heaven, Brain Chocolate energizes the neurons and makes them dance. It relaxes tension. It dissolves stress like a momentary fresh and cooling breeze on a hot day. It brings us a jolt of unexpected joy.

We used to wait for our Brain Chocolate. Now it comes in instant flashes. Think about your social media streams:

  • The funny meme that makes you unexpectedly blow coffee out your nose
  • The touching video of a rescued animal that softens your heart. I’m not crying, you’re crying
  • The unspoiled post-credit scene that sets up your favorite character for a movie
  • The unexpected Pinterest post speaks your truth

The ones with the biggest charge are those that sneak up on us:

  • A handwritten thank you note
  • Your child’s first step
  • An unexpected bowl of hot rice, beans and tortillas from your neighbor when you’re sick (ok maybe that was just me).

Whatever your Brain Chocolate is, you’ll know it when it breaks your out of your routine. It gives a brief moment of clarity in your daily fog. You know it when you see it, but more importantly, you know it when you FEEL it. Trust that feeling.

This whole notion came up in a conversation about Netflix shows. I don’t remember the series I was watching at the time, but it was a show so good that I didn’t want to binge it. Each episode was like a single bite of exquisite chocolate. So good it needed to be savored. Eating it all at once would have made it simply over, done, and exhausted. I described it as my current “Brain Chocolate”.

#BrainChocolate is a very real modern day stress management tool. It livens us up and aerates our cerebral cortex in a compacted world. It’s a momentary oasis in our desert of work, responsibility, and rushing around. It’s a very real lifeline, so grab a hold.

However you get it these days, Brain Chocolate is like Christmas candy from the Universe that lights you up, softens you, and eases your daily stress just for a second. It’s the flash of light at the end of the tunnel that reminds you the journey is worth it.

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