6 Steps Beyond Failed Resolutions

It’s the last week of January 2019. How are you feeling? Was it the month you wanted it to be? Did you start strong and then lose your wind? Tell me what’s going on: shane@thestressdojo.com  I set an intention around business and around healthy eating. While the business stuff went pretty good, I had a … Read more 6 Steps Beyond Failed Resolutions

Do What You Can…it’s more than you think

World feel upside down? Lost in the fog? Painted yourself into a corner? Cool! Healing starts in those places and it’s a grass roots job. All change is like this. You have to start where you are if you want to move forward with any hope of sustainability. Do what you can, with what you … Read more Do What You Can…it’s more than you think

Notes on a Conscious Christmas

Ok, full transparency time. I do not like Christmas. In general, I don’t care for most modern holidays. They have become commercialized caricatures of what they were meant to be. When I sat down to write this post, I had pretty much worked myself into a lather over it. I wanted to start off with … Read more Notes on a Conscious Christmas

Accepting Naps Into Your Heart

  The past couple weeks have been rough. I ain’t gonna lie. It’s been downright hard. A friend died unexpectedly the morning of a major holiday (Thanksgiving) and it left me utterly gutted and flattened. I was overly irritable and having a generally difficult time of making decisions. My first line of self-care defense was … Read more Accepting Naps Into Your Heart

Stake a Claim on Your Calm

Projects overdue. Bills waiting to be paid. Texts are backed up. Email box is screaming. Voice mailbox is full. Pantry is empty and they know your name at Jack in the Box. With all the plates spinning, even happy hour feels like an obligation. Well, it’s fuck that shit o’clock, ya’ll. Time to stake your claim … Read more Stake a Claim on Your Calm

Thoughts on Navigating Change

A spoonful of compassion makes the medicine go down. This month has been all about change. Change isn’t easy. It is sometimes begrudgingly engaged and most always there’s stress involved. Leaving the zone of familiarity doesn’t feel good. It helps to remember change is a process. It is impermanence in action. It’s the seed turning … Read more Thoughts on Navigating Change