6 Steps Beyond Failed Resolutions

It’s the last week of January 2019. How are you feeling? Was it the month you wanted it to be? How did those Resolutions go? Did you start strong and then lose your wind? Tell me what’s going on: shane@thestressdojo.com  I set an intention around business and around healthy eating. While the business stuff went … Read more

Do What You Can…It’s more than you think

World feel upside down? Lost in the fog? Painted yourself into a corner? Cool! Healing starts in those places and it’s a grassroots job. All change is like this. You have to start where you are if you want to move forward with any hope of sustainability. Do what you can, with what you have, … Read more

4 Mindset Shifts for the New Year (or any time)

Mindset shift

Happy New Year! I remember once watching a mom with her child in the mall. She stood in front of a candy store, her child in a stroller, looking at all the various confections. It was an overwhelming array of attractive colors and shapes. At once, the little girl stood up in her stroller, reached … Read more

Mindset Shift: Sustainability over Security


You are not safe. Dramatic, yes? Chill. Let me get to the point, it’ll be ok. In previous posts I wrote about Balance and Perfection being big fat lies. They are lies pointing to a larger lie. The larger lie is that if you do all the ‘right’ things and follow the ‘correct’ paths, that … Read more

Mindset Shift: Excellence over Perfection


Perfection is unattainable. And why would you want to? Perfection is a fixed end state beyond which you cannot go. Do you really want to be stuck? If anything, perfection is the ultimate carrot dangling on a stick by marketers who want to keep you hooked on whatever they’re selling. Life breathes and pulses. It … Read more

The Yoga of Life

A friend and I complained about and compared aches and pains this morning. Nothing major, just the typical signals of age rolling into bodies once youthful. I have a list of things that talk to me if I move wrong: The muscle I pulled in my lower back years ago tells me to mind how … Read more